Internal Dimond Curved Barbell Christina Vertical Hood VCH Jewelry Genital Piercing 1/2 (CLEAR) 7ZACC. Titanium piercings are usually made from titanium steel, and also called titanium piercing. Vch piercing is a skin type that is sensitive, and has a wide range. Risks and Healing Process · VCH piercing is easier to pierce and heal compared to Christina piercing. · ⚠️VCH piercing carries a higher risk due to its. I had my Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing done for my 18th birthday. In a VCH, a 14 gauge curved barbell is inserted through the top of the clitoral. Get the best VCH Jewelry! Our VCH Piercing jewelry (aka vertical hood piercing jewelry) are sexy and comfortable to wear, providing visual and physical.

Membership Type descriptions: Business Member: These members work full time as a piercer, and have more than one year of professional piercing experience. Vulva · VCH/Vertical Clitoral Hood · HCH/Horizontal Clitoral Hood · Triangle · Christina/Pubic Mound · Inner Labia · Outer Labia · Fourchette/Perineum. Jewelry: There are countless jewelry options when it comes to a VCH piercing. Generally we recommend a lightly curved mm bar. Occasinally a VCH piercing is. Seller · VCH Jewelry, Vertical Hood Piercing 14G Rose Gold · TOOLSSIDE Vch Piercing Jewelry- Vertical Hood Piercing Jewelry For Women 14G Surgical Steel. Get piercing jewelry and access a wide variety of vch piercing jewelry in different materials and designs on Browse through gorgeous vch. Some of the bestselling vch piercing jewelry available on Etsy are: 16G G23 Implant Grade Titanium Clicker Helix Cartilage Tragus Rook. We stock a huge selection of VCH piercing jewelry in stainless steel, titanium, bioflex, or 14k gold. Piercing Non Pierced Nose Cuff 20 gauge 0. Nipple Barbell Surgical Steel VCH Piercing Jewelry Clit Clip Nipple Jewelry Nipple shield Bell Non Piercing. MARIA TASH is the leading fine jewelry and luxury piercing destination recognized for quality, craftsmanship and innovation. VCH piercing is a type of female genital piercing that involves the insertion of jewelry through the clitoral hood, specifically the vertical fold of skin above. With a length of 9/16", this 14g curved barbell can be worn in VCH piercings, belly button and navel piercings. Other genuine pear shaped gemstones available.

Explore a plethora of chic jewellery choices crafted for VCH piercings. Unearth trendy and cozy pieces that embrace and accentuate your femininity. In this episode of The Modified World, our friend Diane has j.c. pierce her VCH and taper open her retired inner labia piercings. Our VCH Piercing Jewelry is designed to enhance your intimate style while providing comfort. Available in Implant Grade Titanium and more. Tatu Guera · Ask the community · Hi! I wanted my VCH pierced and I was wondering if you did those piercings? It pinched but honestly the tube to catch it was more uncomfortable then the piercing. almost like a pinchier ear piercing. Over in one sec. likes, 3 comments - laneypokes4fun on August 12, "An added VCH piercing and reopened an existing HCH piercing and used an anodized. Online shop for piercing products in the Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) category. Huge variety and free shipping from $ - shop online now. VCH piercing jewelry selection to fulfill your desires. We offer only the highest quality VCH jewelry, clit rings in 14k gold & platinum. Yes! Many of the vch piercing, sold by the shops on Etsy, qualify for included shipping, such as: Amethyst Belly Button Ring, Navel Body Piercing Jewelry.

Looking for piercing prices at SkinKandy? Check out our piercing options from ear piercings to body piercings. Don't miss our Two for $80 deal. NAVIKO Vch Piercing Jewelry for Women - Stainless Steel Hood Piercing Jewelry - Vch Jewelry Curved Barbell Door Knocker Calming Stone Chinese. VCH piercing jewelry, Genital Piercing - Titanium Curved Barbell with Gem Clear Crystal Cliterous stimulator Labial Jewelry - PVD Coating. There are two main types of clitoral hood piercing: the vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood (HCH) piercing. As the names. The ammonia in your urine will help keep your VCH piercing clean. Avoid sexual activity including oral for a minimum of 2 weeks. HEALING TIMES: Tongue/Lip.

NeoMetal Inc is the premier manufacturer of wholesale titanium piercing jewelry and creators of the original threadless body jewelry system.

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